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Adobe Flash Player- Works on Pi!

Yes, I can finally now watch youtube videos in browser on my Pi. And do most other stuff that requires Adobe FP.


You are installing Adobe Flash Player AT YOUR OWN RISK! I will take no responsibility for any damage to your Pi of anything else, including loss or corruption of your data files. But, hey, nothing bad happened to me! Anyways, AT YOUR OWN RISK!”

To Download and install:
In the terminal, type the following to install the Iceweasel browser (basically Mozilla Firefox, but under a different name). This is one of the few browsers for the pi that supports Adobe FP. (You could also try the Chromium browser; I have not, and do not reccomend it: it is TOO slow for me!)


This may or may NOT WORK for you. Mine worked for a bit, then stopped working. Unpredictable, eh?

sudo apt-get install iceweasel

Then, in your new browser, go to any video on youtube. A little bar should then appear on the top of the internet window. Click on the ‘Install missing plugins’ (or similar) button.

Create a folder in your home directory called abobe-fp.

Download the required Adobe FP and extract it to the abobe-fp folder. It should automatically realise the system you are using (Linux 32-bit).

There is a text file in the new folder- this contains all of the information you need to finish off installing Adobe-FP.

After I have dowbnloaded it, I can watch youtube videos. The ‘Install missing plugins’ sign may come up again, but ignore it.


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